Advantages of carton packaging

- Mar 20, 2018-

1. carton packing is convenient for mechanized production and packing box flow operation, the production efficiency is high, and the packaging standardization is easy to be realized.

2. light weight make it easy to handle,can avoid or reduce it be thrown in the handling process, thus reducing the damage rate;

3. the costs of carton packaging use and circulation are low, the cost for same inner diameter of the three ply corrugated box is only 1/3 of the wooden box, and it can save about 20% of the freight rate. And the transformation of a wooden box into two cartons can save more than 10% freight.

4. it is clean and firm, with plastic lining in the box, it has good dust proof and moistureproof property, so it can effectively protect the safety of the goods.

5. the box can be fold which could save storage capacity, easy handling, also easy disposal or recycling reuse than wooden cases;

6. it is easy to leave the traces of goods stolen in the box, so it can effectively prevent the theft of goods, while the insurance company accepts it when it's insured against WPA and pilferage.

As a part of modern logistics, cardboard boxes play an important role in installing, maintaining goods. The physical properties of packaging cartons become the basis for their quality evaluation. Cartons can be recycled to save money also can be made into various styles of demand.

All our products are packed in carton to keep in good condition.