Advantages of density board

- Dec 01, 2017-

Nowadays, density board is chosen as raw materials of tables and chairs because of the following characteristics:

Such as, the smooth surface, fine material, steady performance, well-decorated surface and so on.

There are the main advantages

1, the density board is easy to finish the finishing process. All kinds of coatings and paint can be evenly coated on the density board. It is the first choice for the paint effect.

2, the density board is a kind of beautiful decorative plate.

3. All kinds of wood, printed paper, PVC, film paper, melamine impregnated paper and light metal sheet can be decorated on the surface of the density board

4. The hard density board can be made into a sound absorbing plate after washing and drilling. It is applied to the decoration engineering of the building.

5. The physical properties are excellent, the material is uniform, and there is no dehydration problem.