Antistatic worktable

- Aug 01, 2017-

Installation of Anti-Static worktable

1, according to the work required to determine the size of the static radio cushion. Thoroughly cleans the lower surface and the upper surface and the components of the mat with alcohol.

2, in the static radio station mat surface laying foil, aluminum foil is only allowed in folding place lap. From the static radio pad front pressure knob Connector can be replaced with other nuts, so that it passes through the pad and foil to ensure good electrical contact.

3, will be prepared electrostatic static anti-static radio cushion flat floor on the table surface. And according to the scope of operation of the operator to determine the area of anti-static floor mats. Put the worktable on the anti-static mat.

4, anti-static safety working platform grounding, with cross-sectional area is not less than 2m㎡ stranded copper core cord or cable to the static radio pad and floor pad respectively series 1mω resistor connected to the ground configuration system. It is best to check to be used after installation.