Attention on Panel Furniture

- Apr 12, 2018-

1. surface

The most convenient way to distinguish the panel furniture is to observe the pattern. The wood veneer has natural scars, color difference and the change of the pattern.

2. edge

The edge of the panel furniture is very important. We should pay attention to the advantages and disadvantages of sealing materials, and pay attention to the phenomenon of uneven edges and tilting. Special attention should be paid to whether it is sealed on the full six sides.

3. firmness

The firmness of the furniture structure is an important part also. The first is the gap between furniture door and drawer. If the gap is large, it will mean that the work is rough, and it will be deformed for a long time. The two is the single package box or the double package box.

4. paint

The quality of the paint is good or bad. Whether there is a paint streak? Angle of a paint coating is too thick? A crack or bubble? These are to be carefully check and you can ask the salesman, how many times painting lacquers on the furniture. Of course, the more times paint the better for the furniture.

 5. hinge groove and punching part

One of the best ways to judge a medium density board or a particleboard used is from the grooves and spots. One of the best ways is to carefully observe the slots and punching part, where the internal structure is exposed, and it can be seen that the particleboard or the medium density board is used.