Chair maintenance

- Dec 27, 2017-

Fabric: Need regular dust absorption,preferably once a week. Local dirty can be cleaned with a small amount of special textile cleaner in clean white cloth, wipe it repeatedly in the dirty place until remove stains, do not scrub with plenty of water, so as not to make the inside frame  damp. If the cloth is detachable, remove it according to the washing instructions, clean it 3 months to half a year .

Leather&PU: Avoid sun exposure, prohibit the use of alcohol and other volatile liquid scrubbing. Daily cleaning can only be used with dry soft cloth. Avoid a sharp tool to scratch the surface of the leather. The use of special leather cleaning agent 2~3 times a year, can play the role of maintenance. The cleanliness of the abrasive surface is more complex, and it is best to find a professional cleaning company for help.

Rattan: Avoid direct sunlight or long time exposure, when cleaning, use a soft brush to remove the dust in the gap, can also use a dry towel flapping dust. Then wipe the chair over with a wet cloth, then wipe with a dry soft cloth finally dry out in the ventilation. Wipe the chair with light salt water every other time, so that it can not only remove dirt, but also help to keep the tenderness of the vine.

For below chairs, easy to clean and pleasing in appearance,all for your choice.