Common methods for identification of dermis

- Aug 01, 2017-

1, dripping test: True cowhide can quickly penetrate into the leather, the transfer membrane skin (two layers), PU artificial leather, pu synthetic leather water can not penetrate.

2, Tensile and elastic test: PU Skin (moving film skin) head layer cowhide in each direction have pulling force, PU artificial leather, Pu synthetic leather has very obvious main pulling direction,

3. Air blowing test: can be aimed at the reverse side of the leather with saliva blowing gas, in front of the leakage, it is because the dermis has this "anti-reverse performance", when you wear the epithelium, the cold effect is very obvious, but also formed a good air permeability, which fully embodies the value of the dermis.

4, the visual discrimination method: First of all, from the leather patterns, pores and other aspects to distinguish, in the natural leather surface can see patterns, pores, scars do exist, and uneven distribution, the reverse side of animal fiber, the lateral section, the level is clearly distinguishable, the lower layer has animal fiber, with finger nail scraping test will appear leather fiber up, there is a feeling of cashmere, a small amount of fiber can also fall down, and synthetic leather can see the reverse side of the fabric, no animal fiber, the general epidermis without pores, but some have imitation skin artificial pores, There will be not obvious pores exist, some of the pattern is not obvious, or there are more regular artificial patterns, pores are quite consistent.

5, hand identification method: With the hands down, there are uneven leather wrinkles for true cowhide, the contrary is false cowhide.

6, odor identification method: Natural leather in the Tannery factory, no fur odor. If there is a very strong fur flavor, that is, no treatment clean, this leather production of products, easy to return slightly. A clean, spotless odor will not return to a little. Artificial leather will not return a little.

7, combustion identification method: mainly to sniff the odor and look at the ash state, natural leather burning will emit a hair burning odor, burning ash is generally easy to break into powder, and artificial leather, flame after burning is also more prosperous, shrinking quickly, and have a very bad smell of plastic taste, after burning, cooling will be sent to become a hard block.