Comparison of solid wood and tempered glass

- Aug 01, 2017-

Solid wood and tempered glass each has its own characteristics, solid wood appears stable, stylish; the first is based on the style of decoration, the second is to be based on your economic strength, the third is based on their personal hobbies. The grade of solid wood is very expensive, tempered glass price occupies an absolute advantage. The use of safety, no matter what the quality of the material better is not a problem.

If it is easy to clean from the point of view, with toughened glass better, because it is better decontamination, and tempered table easy to give people a clean, refreshing feeling.

Decoration style to a large extent decided the choice of table materials, such as concise and modern style of decoration is more suitable for toughened glass, home decoration style is more elegant, thick and more suitable for solid wood table.

Home Decoration Choose solid wood table, or tempered glass table, grasp three points can: 1. Decoration style 2. Economic strength; 3. Personal hobbies.