Container Knowledge

- Mar 16, 2018-

I. types of containers

according to their usage, they are generally divided into DC (dry container) RF (refigerated container) TK (tank container) FR (flat container), OT(open top container  )and so on. According to the box type, it can be divided into ordinary cabinet: GP super high cabinet: HQ

II. composition of the container number

The container number is the only identification mark of the container in the world. According to ISO6346:1995 "container code, identification and marking" standard, the number of container numbers is 11 bits, the first four are letters, and the last one is the check code. The marks provided by the international organization for standardization are two categories of necessary and optional markers, each of which is marked separately and labelled. Specifically, a main code box container; number or order number, check (check); container size and type of code in the middle of the door

1. The number of the owner. The international standardization organization stipulates that the name of the box is expressed by four letters of Latin, the first three are specified by the owner of the box, and the fourth letters are expressed in U.

2, Order number, consisting of 6 Arabia letters. If the number is less than 6 bits, 6 bits are made up with "0" before the effective number. For example, "053842".

3. Check number. The verification of the number is the basis for the accuracy of the box number and the sequence number. It is after box number, represented by a Arabia digital plus a box. The check number is generally not used manually, as long as the number is checked in the related software.

III. Specifications of commonly used containers

A 20GP is often referred to as a standard box (TEU).

A 40GP can be converted to 2 TEU.

The outside size of 20GP container is 6MX2.4MX2.6M, the inside is 5.89M * 2.35M * 2.38M, weight: 2000-2200KGS; 

The outside size of 40GP is about 12.2MX2.4MX2.6M, the inside is 12M * 2.3M * 2.4M, weight is 4000-4300KGS;

40HQ: The outside size is about 12.19MX2.4MX2.9M, inside size is 12M * 2.3M * 2.7M, weight: 4000-4600KGS; 

45 feet high cabinet: inside size: 13.58M * 2.34M * 2.71M, and the weight of the cabinet cannot exceed 30 tons, and the volume is 86 cubic meters.