Customs declaration&Customs clearance

- Mar 28, 2018-

The customs declaration is to declare to the customs to release the goods. Customs clearance is a matter of Customs in the client's country. Some documents (such as Bill of lading, box list, invoice, other tax exemption certificates, such as FORM A, C/O, etc) are applied to the local customs for import goods release. Customs clearance and customs clearance are belong to two different countries, they are separate.

Customs declaration

The declaration refers to the shipper and consignee, Carrier of transport, goods owners or their agents apply to the Customs for the entry and exit procedures of goods, submit articles or conveyance and related customs affairs. Including import and export declaration to the customs, submit the certificate documents, and accept the customs supervision and inspection etc.. Customs declaration is one of the necessary steps to carry out customs entry and exit formalities.

Customs clearance

Customs clearance refers to that, when goods will entry or exit one country’s custom, the goods owners shall perform the formalities in accordance with the laws and regulations.

Goods can only be released after customs obligations, customs declaration, inspection, taxation and release procedures. Cargo owners or declarer can take delivery. In the same way, the various means of transportation, which carry import and export goods, are required to declare, conduct customs procedures and get the permission of the customs. During the customs clearance of goods, whether import, export or transfer, are under the supervision of the Customs Department, are not allowed to circulate freely.