Customs Inspection

- Jan 12, 2018-

Customs inspection is a way to implement the inspection of import and export goods, divided into two kinds of artificial control and random control.

I. Computer customs control

1. Customs will classify import and export goods , setting the risk parameters. The  higher the risk parameters, the higher the probability of computer control.

2 For some customs, since the risk parameters of most  import and export goods are relatively low, they will set dispatched randomly inspect according to a certain probability.

II.  Artificial customs control

1, In the declaration, inspection and clearance chain, if the customs officers think declaration content is not clear, or have questions, they would give order manually on the computer to inspect whether the documents are in conformity with the goods.

2, Due to the import and export of goods seized an illegal phenomenon, it will lead to other enterprises or relevant import and export goods risk parameters increased by artificial control inspection.

3, Customs including anti smuggling bureauanti received the news that a certain import and export goods in question, customs can set dispatched inspection to inspect the goods.

4, If there is a poor relationship between the customs and enterprise, the import and export of goods to be dispatched inspection.

There is another situation that the enterprises have illegal records in the customs, credit rating lowered to C and D, the import and export goods of the enterprises basically will be inspect.