Desk installation steps

- Aug 01, 2017-

1. See the installation Complete drawing

Some desk desks are often assembled through different parts, so different structures will have different orders, but the basic structure of their assembly will not change. So the first step is to look at the detail pattern first. Figure out what kind of style it is, how to install it, and make it easier to install it in the heart.

2. Desktop Plate banding.

The desktop plate edge is first based on the length of the table panel, and to ensure the length. Then the glue is coated and fixed. And with headless or flat head round nails in the vicinity of the desktop board, the requirements of each adhesive surface and bevel joints should be sewn.

3. Cladding and Molding Edge

The line is to the bottom of the table under the four-sided slats also saw the two ends of the 45° bevel, and guarantee the length of the size, and then the rubber-nailed desktop board below the four sides. and machining edge, will be milling on the milling machine to meet the pattern requirements of the surface.

4. Recuperation and monolithic assembly

Trimming is the use of wood and sandpaper will be the entire surface polished, so as to meet the requirements of surface quality, looks more beautiful. However, the single piece is the two feet and a lookout parts into a single piece, making it more solid, beautiful.

5. Mounting the Tripod

The tripod will need to assemble two pieces of single-chip and the other two pieces of lookout, assemble the complete tripod, and then mount the race angle. Finally, put the bottom of the table face up on the worktable, and use the screws to connect the tripod to the tabletop, so that a complete desk is assembled successfully.