Electroplating technology

- Feb 10, 2018-

It is the process of plating a thin layer of other metal or alloy on some metal surface by using the principle of electrolysis. When plating, the coating metal is used as anode, which is oxidized into cation to enter the plating solution. The metal products to be plated as cathodes, the cations of the coating metal are reduced to form the coating on the metal surface. In order to exclude the interference of other cations and make the coating uniformly and firmly, it is necessary to use plating solution containing metal plated coating as the plating solution to keep the concentration of metal cation of the coating unchanged.


Purpose of plating is plated with a metal coating (deposit) on the substrate , changing the nature of the substrate surface or size. Electroplating can enhance the corrosion resistance of metal (metal coating the corrosion of metal), increase the hardness and prevent abrasion, improve conductivity, lubricity, heat resistance, and surface appearance.


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