How to clean the cloth chair?

- Aug 01, 2017-

Cloth Chair Cleaning:

1. Cleaning Equipment: Sofa Cleaning High foam agent, all-purpose detergent, cleaning brush, small-scale washing machine, water suction device.

2. Cleaning steps:

(1) Diluted high foaming detergent general diluted to about 5%, diluted after the injection of the sprayer tank, the sofa cleaning agent sprayed on the sofa surface, infiltration 3-5 minutes.

(2) Wait until 10-15 minutes after the stain began to disengage from the fiber, using a high-temperature cleaning machine or hand-washing repeatedly, the key spots can be used to heat the surface of the steam engine.

(3) Clean the sofa surface with small sofa cleaning machine.

(4) will clean the sofa with water suction machine will drain the sewage dry.

Special attention: The individual heavy dirt should do special treatment, use small cloth fabric sofa cleaning washing manually.