Identifying environmentally friendly furniture and inferior furniture

- Feb 23, 2018-

In the market of environmental protection furniture is mostly shoddy, many consumers can not distinguish the difference between environmental protection furniture and inferior furniture, in fact, as long as the master of the following three points, can well distinguish the difference between the two.


1. View the certificate of environmental protection

There are many green environmental symbols on the market, of which the highest gold content is national certification. Many of the folk environmental certification can be easily bought, the gold content is very poor, such as wood table certification. So consumers should understand the relevant knowledge in environmental certification, and require businesses to produce relevant certificate, confirm carefully before making a purchase plan.

2. Smell

Generally speaking, environmental friendly furniture has no smell, especially wood furniture. The difference between the furniture and the inferior is very obvious. Because of the excessive formaldehyde content of some inferior wood furniture, it will have a heavy flavor, not only pollute the environment, but also is harmful to the body, so choose carefully.

3. Look at the appearance

If the edge treatment is done well, the daily release of harmful gases will be reduced by half. In addition, you can also feel whether the furniture is smooth or not. The process of the regular manufacturers is generally mature. There will not be such a case. You can also feel comfortable buying it.