Maintenance of tempered glass table

- Aug 01, 2017-

1. To avoid exposure, rain. Because the sealing edge seam is easy to crack, resulting in swelling and deformation of the substrate. such as the table occurs, only to return to the factory repair.

2. Always remember not to hit the glass face, put things on top, to take care of lightly. In order to prevent the glass surface scratching, it is best to put on the table cloth.

3. The desktop should always keep clean, must prevent pollution and produce mildew spot. If found to have mildew spot, should move the table to the ventilated place, and in mildew spot place electric iron bucket hot 2-3 minutes, until mildew spot disappears;

4. For tea and so on to the table, should be dry in time, otherwise, long time will leave a very ugly patches. If there is a stain, can sprinkle some water on the table, and then use the cigarette box in the tin foil to wipe, the last to scrub with water, you can wash the tea traces;

5. In the daily cleaning, with a wet towel or newspaper can be wiped, such as stains can be dipped in a towel beer or warm vinegar wipe, in addition, can also use the current market on the sale of glass cleaning agent, bogey with strong acid alkaline solution cleaning. Winter glass surface is easy to frost, can be dipped in thick brine or white wine to wipe, the effect is very good.

6. Use of fresh-keeping membranes and wet cloth sprayed with detergent can also allow oily glass to "regain new life." First of all, the glass will be fully sprayed with detergent, and then affixed to the plastic film, so that the solidification of the grease softening, after 10 minutes, tear off the fresh film, and then wipe with a damp cloth can be. To keep the glass clean and bright, it must be cleaned regularly, if there is handwriting on the glass, rub with the rubber in the water, and then wipe with a damp cloth; if there is paint on the glass, use the cotton dipped in hot vinegar, scrub the glass with a clean dry cloth to make it bright as crystal.

7. If the pattern of the hair glass, can be dipped in a detergent toothbrush, wipe its stains.

8. Avoid burning cigarettes, or leave a mark. If the mark is produced only on the surface, the toothpick can be wrapped in a layer of hard cloth gently wipe the traces, and then coated with a layer of wax, the mark can be removed.