Scalp layer and two layers of skin

- Aug 01, 2017-

Dermis is divided into the first layer of skin and two layers of skin.

The first layer of skin, divided into green standard head layer skin (tree cream skin, vegetation cream skin) and common standard head layer skin (paint repair);

Two layers of skin, divided into two layers of skin, two grades two layers;

The first layer of skin is a variety of animal raw skin directly processed into, or the thick cortex of cattle, pigs, horses and other animal skin after hair removal crosswise cut into the upper and lower layers, fiber tissue tight upper part of the process into a variety of head layer skin. Sturdy and durable, and will not break after wearing.

The second layer of skin is thick skin with a slice of skin machine, the first layer is used to do the whole grain leather or shaving leather, the second layer after finishing or laminating series of processes made of two layers of leather, so also known as the film Cowhide. The two-layer skin still retains the characteristics of the cowhide, but the durability and flexural strength are far from the first layer.