Some problems to be paid attention to in China's export to different countries

- Mar 03, 2018-

Countries that need to declare AMS and ENS

The countries that need to declare AMS are: the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

The United States does not need to declare the ISF regulations. It must be provided to the US Customs 48 hours before sailing. Otherwise, there will be a USD5000 fine, AMS cost 25 dollars / ticket, and modified 40 dollars / ticket).

The countries that need to declare ENS include all EU member countries, and the cost of ENS is $25~35 / ticket.


The country that needs to be fumigated for wood packing

Wooden packaging needs fumigation and disinfection: Australia, the United States, Canada, Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Israel, Brazil, Chile and Panama.

A country that needs to be a certificate of origin

Countries requiring certificate of origin: Kampuchea, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Doha, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.



In the end, the consignee must have the right to import and export, otherwise it will not be able to clear the import. Therefore, it is necessary to modify the bill of lading for about a month or so.

Saudi Arabia

All goods imported to Saudi Arabia must be shipped with pallets and the original place and mark must be printed on the package. From February 25, 2009 onwards, all cargo arriving in Hong Kong will be fined SAR1000 (US$267) /20 and SAR1500 (US$400) /40 for violation of the regulations without pallet shipment. By the guest.



The 1. one is to accept a full set of bills of lading. The original three cannot be modified. The amount of freight must be shown on the bill of lading (only in US dollars or euros). The bill of lading "TO ORDER" is not acceptable. The bill of lading should show the consignee's contact (telephone, address).

2., we must show the consignee's CNPJ number on the bill of lading (the consignee must be a registered company), and the consignee must be a registered company at the destination customs.

3. can not be paid, can not receive more money in the destination port, wood packaging to fumigate, so the box price is to pay more attention.



1. to declare AMS bill of lading, it is necessary to display the code of the goods, and the need to provide the AMS data and the packing list invoice.

2.notify shows third party notifications, usually Forwarders of freight forwarders or CONSIGNEE.

3.SHIPPER shows that real shippers and CONSIGNEE show real consignees;

4. the name can not show the general name, to show the details of the name of the goods;

Number of 

5. request to display the number of details. In 1PALLET, there are 50 boxes of goods in it, not only 1 PLT, and 1 pallet containing 50 cartons must be displayed.

6. the bill of lading should show the origin of the goods, and the bill of lading should be fined at least USD200 after the bill of lading is opened.