The correct way to put your desk

- Jul 31, 2017-

The correct placement of the desk, for academic and career progress, has an important feng shui significance.

Display Description:

1. The desk seat rear must have the solid wall best, indicates has the patron, has the noble.

2. It is best to have a flat open area before the desk, indicating promising and developing space.

3. Desk can not be back door, easy to make villain.

4. The desk cannot flush the door.

5. There is no window behind the desk seat.

6. The desk should not be placed under the beam.

This placement is also suitable for the unit desk.

Proper arrangement of beds

People spend 1/3 of their lives in bed, so the layout of the bed is right, and health and luck are closely related, so it is absolutely not easy to overlook.

The layout of the bed has the following main considerations:

1. There should be no circular light on the bed.

2. Toilet door is not suitable for punching

3. The bedside is not suitable with the bathroom or kitchen metope

4. The bedside is not suitable to hang photos

5. Bedside is not suitable for the back door

6. Bed can not be placed under the beam

7. The door should not be straight to the bed

8. The mirror is not suitable for the bed

9. Behind the bedside must have, such as headboard

10. Bedside rear bogey stair aisle, the elevator is more unfavorable

11. The bed is better than the solid wall

12. Do not open the window.

13. No air conditioner above the bedside