Advantages And Disadvantages Of Tempered Glass Table

- Aug 01, 2017-

In addition to high security, price comparison concessions, tempered glass table what are the advantages?

1, tempered glass table compared to traditional wooden table, style more bold avantgarde, function more practical.

2, tempered glass table will not be affected by indoor air, not due to humidity and deformation, occupy small space, safe and environmental protection, non-polluting, no radiation.

3, tempered glass table can be better with other kinds of furniture to form a good mix, concise and clear lines and transparent visual effect will not be it becomes abrupt.

4, tempered glass table is very easy to clean, diverse shapes, unique pattern, can meet the needs of different consumers.

What are the disadvantages of tempered glass table?

Tempered glass table may be the danger of self explosion, tempered glass material table, although hard and warm, but must carefully select the qualified and high strength of the tempered glass table, in order to avoid hot objects caused by the desktop burst, especially with children's families try not to choose glass table.