How To Choose A Home Table

- Aug 01, 2017-

The tea table is the living room important furniture, visitors visit, we generally in the living room, the table is we use to greet guests furniture, can be seen in the living room decoration also play an important role. The layout of the living room can be said to be the heart of the home area, a poor layout may make the living room look nondescript. So we have to be careful in decorating the living room. Should choose what kind of tea table collocation what kind of living room?

1.Small round

The choice of the shape of the tea table varies with each person. The round table without edges and corners, soft shape, in the space will not appear so cramped, more dynamic. Black, white pure color metal coffee table simple and clean, low-key not publicity, classic hundred. Sitting in the middle of the couch doesn't take up too much space.

2.Small square

Concise small square table angular trenchant, in the overall space black is the finishing touch pen, but not too prominent. The choice of tea table to consider the sofa and surrounding furniture, especially the sofa collocation, there are some details, green plants, lamps, decorations. The coffee table and the white fabric sofa and the wall of the string racks with a cool Nordic space. Large space, the choice and sofa matching square tea table, square tea table placed more in line with the use of most people's habits, home have children worry bump, can buy several anti-collision bars.