How To Install The TV Background Wall Glass?

- Aug 01, 2017-

1. Basic treatment of background wall

The beginning of the glass background wall production construction, first of all the basic treatment of the wall, scraping the putty and batch ash, requirements Metope formation, clean no topsoil, dust, and coating good moistureproof layer for protection.

2. Select the bottom of nine plate

After the basic treatment, in order to make the decorative panel installed firmly and flat, you can choose a large core plate covering the grassroots. According to the size of the design, in order to install glass background wall on the wall nail nine plate bottom, require the nail position evenly installed firmly, the overall close to the wall effect flat.

3. Installation of glass panels

After the big core board is hit bottom, then the glass plate is pasted down. According to the design of the paste area, the use of glass glue evenly applied to the back of the veneer, paste on the large core board. For larger volume of glass parts, depending on the situation of the additional mirror nail to ensure that the installation is firm.

4. Top Wall TV Hook punch

After the background wall is installed, for the family that designs the TV wall, should try to let the glass avoid the load bearing of the television. If you want to drill holes in the glass, the technical content of the operation is higher. Therefore, in the design of planning, it is suggested that the glass and other materials used to calculate the location of the fixed shelves of TV sets, in the shelter of the place with wood replacement.