The Attention Of Tables And Chairs

- Aug 02, 2017-

What is the feng shui knowledge of dining tables and chairs? The table texture is not suitable for marble and glass marble and other materials made of the table is more hard, cold, although strong sense of art, but because of its easy to absorb the energy of the body after eating quickly.

Coffee and chairs should be featured. Café Furniture is characterized by its own characteristics, if a restaurant does not have some of its own characteristics, some of the main features of the restaurant is that it itself is to have some of its own characteristics.

What is the thickness of the column? The inner wall of a fast-food table column should not be less than 1.2mm, if you want to be more solid and durable, it is recommended that you choose 1.5 or 2.0mm column steel pipe, can guarantee good stability.

Several curved wooden chair veneer material contrast. Customers in the choice of curved wood dining chair, should pay attention to the technology and quality of the chair, do not blindly pursue low-cost. As far as possible, the use of fire-retardant board chair surface, good wear-resistant effect, and a variety of colors, very beautiful.

Solid wood table can be used hot dishcloth to remove dirt, and then as the case with dye repair. The part of the cortex must first be cleaned with a rag, and the special dyes are used to complement each other.

How to choose a comfortable table chair? The choice of furniture used in restaurants, not only to pay attention to materials and manufacturing methods, size is also the focus. When you go to the furniture shop or furniture city to buy a chair, you must take off your shoes and try to see if you can touch the floor.

Where should I start buying dining tables and chairs? It is important to choose the quality of dining tables and chairs. First, see if you feel comfortable sitting on the dining chair, preferably if your arms are placed on the table naturally. Second, to see the fastness of fast food tables and chairs.

What is the reason for drawing stainless steel dining tables and chairs to be popular? Many people in the selection of stainless steel tables and chairs, only focus on material but ignore the color choice. General stainless steel surface treatment is divided into primary colors do not deal with polished brushed and light.

Dining table and Chair network for you to tell the snack bar for the light department of the dining tables and chairs. In particular, such as Guangzhou city, every one days are in the work, so more and more characteristics of the fast food restaurant, snack bar emerged.