The Choice Of Leisure Tables And Chairs

- Aug 01, 2017-

Consider the harmony with home environment, different styles of leisure chairs can be paired with different styles of furniture and space. Generally in the living room and other public areas and in the more intimate bedroom, study, the choice of leisure chairs are different.

Sitting Room lounge chair can be considered to choose the color comparison jumps eye-catching leisure chair, its style is unique itself is a big scenery; if is the choice bedroom leisure chair, not only to consider the comfort, but also to pay attention to the bedroom environment, color and style do not jump too, lest "disturb" to the quiet rest space; The leisure chair of the study has a wider range of choice than the bedroom space, but the color is also consistent with the overall style of the study.

The balcony or the outdoor courtyard itself is different from the room, can choose different style according to own preference. However, because the outdoor environment to the material requirements of higher, so can focus on metal, logs, imitation rattan products, but also suggest the choice of collapsible outdoor leisure chair more flexible.

Outdoor furniture is usually a high demand for materials, sunscreen and prevent cracking is the basic requirements, and the thickness of the material and the degree of firmness, but also directly affect the service life of leisure chairs.

Here are a few types of tables and chairs

Natural Rattan Chair:

Rattan Leisure chair is the most ancient furniture in leisure furniture, there are two kinds of real Todohe imitation rattan. Rattan Production Leisure Chair natural, environmental protection, winter warm summer cool, much sought after; imitation rattan leisure tables and chairs, affordable easy maintenance, but also quite popular fashion family favorite.

Simple Log Chair:

Wood Leisure Chair in Europe and the United States style with the majority of Southeast Asian style, the style tends to natural color, simple and elegant, because more durable than rattan furniture and easy to handle, so more consumers dote. Large can be folded, common to brown, brown, gray, yellow and other log color mostly.

Comfortable Fabric Chair:

Modern Fabric leisure chair more waterproof fabric combined with metal or rattan production, fabric used for cushion, backrest, also useful cushion instead of backrest, modelling concise, quite modern sense and fashion sense.