Use Of Art Glass

- Aug 01, 2017-

With the growing variety of glass varieties, the art glass with a strong flavor of the times has been fully applied to every corner of the household life. According to Yu FA Glass General manager Cai Dan introduced, the broad sense of art glass covered with glass material as the carrier, embodies the design concept and expression of artistic effects of products, including art works, handicrafts and decorations.

Glass background wall: fantastic

It can be said that the background wall of modern living room is not a supporting role in space, some of the fresh style, alone into the background of the wall and even become the most shiny in the room. According to Cai Introduction, in the current decorative art glass of many types, embossed glass surface design concave and convex, three-dimensional strong, very suitable as a home background wall appearance. Stand carved glass is combined with flat sand, color, texture and other techniques, artistic effect appears stronger.

The use of glass transparent, refraction characteristics, art glass and natural light and a variety of light clever combination, can create a dream blurred artistic effect. such as the sofa background wall, with metal-textured wire drawing glass, in the natural light can be the cold texture of the metal reflected incisively and vividly. And in the sand with rough gravel to set the light before the glass, you can make art glass itself in the light of the pattern of the special three-dimensional. Even the most unadorned transparent color, can also be based on the needs of the owner of the bedroom, in an instant into the red, orange, yellow, green, green, blue, purple a variety of natural colors, very romantic atmosphere.

Glass Partition: Improving grade

The partition is often used in the design of home loading, which has a remarkable effect on improving the visual effect, creating the private space and changing the structure. Therefore, the choice of a suitable material as a partition is particularly important. "Art Glass is increasingly updated, as an organic product of the comprehensive psychological activities such as artist perception, emotion, ideal and idea, it is very suitable for family partition because of its emphasis on artistic expression, appeal and shock, and has a clear theme of creation, extensive extension, rich intension, unique style and exquisite craft.

Use Art glass as a partition, although the cost is high, but because of its bright, transparent characteristics, artistic sense and modern sense is very strong. It reduces the sense of isolation in two of spaces, visually expanding the space area, even for smaller rooms. Because Glass also has waterproof, moistureproof and anti-corrosion properties, so the most common glass partition is used in the bathroom or kitchen. For example, in the master suite, with glass partition into the toilet, it has a better lighting performance. and the living room partition most is the art glass, it separates the space at the same time has the good ornamental. In addition, its construction cycle is short, one-time molding need not paint, and color, pattern colorful, can also be customized, applicable to a variety of styles.

Glass Xuan Guan: lightsome and translucent

Today's decorative art glass can be characterized by its unique shape and color, in the trend of the interpretation of chic elegance, but also with simple lines and unique design, passing out the flavor of fashion. As the first view of the door, the Xuan Guan in addition to the occlusion function, but also represents the "façade." A fine art Xuan Guan often can let your dwelling icing on the cake, but the modern city residence general area is comparatively narrow, if the Xuan Guan area is too big, the space will obviously feel cramped, difficult to maneuver. The use of glass to do the porch, it is more ingenious design. Perhaps we have already seen accustomed to wood, stone, metal and other materials, but just look at those exquisite art glass, you will find: no material color can be as resplendent as glass, streamer overflow color; no material can be as crystal clear as glass, changing magnificent.