What You Need To Know About The Velvet Chair

- Apr 04, 2018-

It’s Surprisingly Versatile


The fabric feels and looks more luxurious than most textiles, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less adaptable in the home. Because it’s available in such a wide array of forms—from large pieces such as upholstered beds to smaller options like throw pillows—you can go all-out or keep it simple. 

It also transcends trends and styles beautifully: Its luminous sheen makes it especially fitting for a glamorous room, but it can feel equally at home in relaxed or modern spaces.

Because it’s not a flat-woven fabric like linen, velvet requires more yarn and takes multiple steps to produce. Yarn is first woven together on a loom between two layers of backing. The fabric is then split down the middle, creating two identical pieces, each with the upraised pile that provides its soft, heightened texture.

Velvet can be woven from any type of yarn. While in the past it was typically woven from silk, today cotton, linen, wool, and synthetic fibers (often in combination) are commonly used.

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